Sunday, October 7, 2012

The10th book read first to last in 2012. Scientists in Conference, the Congress organizer's handbook, the Congress visitor's Companion- By Volker Neuhoff.

Scientists in Conference is a one sitting book (220 pages) for reading and a prewritten DIARY for people organizing conferences. I takes away the time necessary to plan events.  

Some GEMS from the book:
He who offers an inch may lose a yard.
If our organizer is himself a well organized human being, the sort of fellow who plans erverything well in advance, then the entire planning can be  so conveniently spread over months that his everyday work need not suffer at all. 
He who treats each small part with respect will be respected as the master of the whole.
The organizer should not be the one of those who find it hard to utter "thanks" even in cases where the help received is only slight.
To have confidence is good to check up is better.
Keep a notebook to serve as "idea bank".
Humor is a gift from god, but god doesnot  distribute his gifts lightly.
If something has to be applied or asked for; it is  better not to write right away but to seek a personal interview, preferably with the very man on whom the decission depends.
He who comes last to the mill is the last to get  his corn ground- German saying.
There is always overlapping or cross pollination between program planning bodiies.


Details of other books read in 2012 are in my notes in my Facebook

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