Monday, October 8, 2012


Introduction by T.P. Tuang

Introduction on the work on Climate change in South east asia.- R. Wassmann

The role of climate change research with IRRI's strategic plan.

OZONE layer recovering.

Change in concept: It was the study of climate before 1990. After 1990s its climate change.
Increase in night temperature does not allow rice to produce more. For 1 degree increase in night temperature, the yield decreases by 10%.  The situation is worse when the increase in temperature is surng the ripening time. Asiaflux, (Irri Flux research)

Frontier project:: C4 Rice, Rice and changing climate are going on well.

Seven modules of climate change:  There is rice and climate change consortium.


Krishna J. When does a temperature stressed rice flower.

Which plant has higher sterility? - a shaded or unshaded. Of course unshaded.


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