Sunday, October 7, 2012

Are we eating healthier rice in future? - Ask Gerard Berry

Where is golden rice?
All requirement for the release of Golden rice is completed. Now moving  from contained/confined to full field trials in Philippines. 

Completion of confined trials in Bangladesh and Indonesia. Community efficacy trail is complete in Philippines.

HIGH ZINC RICE: For Bangladesh and E/S India.
Progress: Recombinant inbred lines (RIL) and double haploid lines (DH) were screened in IRRI green houses. and promising lines found. 23 candidate genes from direct association mapping are under observation.

In Future:  Basically the test of Genotype Vs Environment test. Most important is to select those lines which are high zinc but do not uptake Zinc.

A large scale production of  high Zinc and control rice for human bio-efficacy study is going on.


Ferritin and nicotinamine  synthase   Some lines combined lines are necessary in soybean and rice. Boavailability assey in poultry will be conducted in Cornell University.

Amelia Henry, Arvind Kumar, Bas Bouman, Paul Quick, Balram Marathi  questioned Barry.

A Clarification: We are not producing Vitamin A but  a precursor of Vitamin A.

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